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  1. Keep in touch with your old school friends through the many events organised by the Club every year. A Calendar publicising a full list of events is available online and also as a downloadable pdf. All events are posted on the Club’s social media sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  2. The Old Millhillian Club offers members a valuable window for networking with others in your own line of work. There are several specialist events organised across a wide range of professional interests such as the Property, Engineering, Law, Media, Financial Services and Entertainment. To learn more, contact one of the Event Ambassadors.
  3. Members receive updates to the Club’s event calendar and its annual magazine 'Martlet’ .
  4. The Old Millhillian Club has many sports clubs such as rugby, cricket, golf, football, ladies hockey and fives. These clubs are always looking for new members to participate,  Sports Contacts
  5. The Old Millhillian Club has ambassadors worldwide, who would be delighted to meet you should you be travelling to their country for work or pleasure or if you are relocating. 
  6. Young Old Millhillians (YOMS) The Club is always keen to involve those who have just left School and there are a variety of benefits such as reduced price tickets for social events, sponsorship, careers advice and of course all the benefits listed above. Most YOMs events are organised by the YOMs Ambassadors. If you are interested in being a YOMs Ambassador, please contact Ted Macdonald (Priestley 2011-2016) c/o Club Office, omrelations@omclub.co.uk    
  7. Significant discounts are available to Club members wishing to hire the School as a venue for social and sporting events (such as weddings, hiring of sports fields). Contact Mill Hill School Enterprises.
  8. National Liberal Club. The NLC has an excellent restaurant and one of the finest outside terraces in London where one can relax with a drink and or a snack from the bar. The Club has arrangements with the NLC whereby Old Millhillian Club members can become full members of the NLC on special terms. Details are accessible here National Liberal Club.


The membership year commences on 1st September. This timing coincides with the date each year when we welcome all school leavers as new members. Direct Debit payments are processed during September. The expiry date of annual membership cards is 31st August.

To ensure that the Club is in compliance with GDPR regulations, any new member will be requested to complete an Application Form as well as a Payment Form. Annual members will be required to pay by Direct Debit.

Membership fees

All former pupils of Grimsdell, Belmont, Mill Hill and Mill Hill International are eligible to join the Old Millhillians Club.

As a matter of policy, the Club sets fee levels to incentivise all eligible parties, especially younger ones, to become Life Members of the Club.

For all payment details please refer to table in PAY MEMBERSHIP section

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