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The Club holds formal and informal events for OMs in the UK and overseas

The Club organises an annual calendar of events culminating in its flagship Annual Dinner. This is a black tie affair at a prestigious Central London venue at which the new President is inaugurated.

A summer Cocktail party takes place after the AGM.

The Foundation welcomes OMs back to the school on Old Millhillians Day. This special occasion is usually combined with Foundation Day and takes place in late September.                  

Professional Networking events, often with speakers, are organised for Old Millhillians pursuing specific career paths.

Event Ambassadors organise UK social reunions in Cardiff, Cambridge, Honiton and Manchester and overseas reunions in New York, Toronto, Sydney, Auckland, Dubai, Singapore, Cape Town and Hong Kong.

Mainland China and Russia are regions where we have many OMs but no reunion event as of yet. We are always keen to expand our overseas events so if any OMs would be interested in organising an event of any kind for OMs in China or Russia we would love to hear from you.

YOMs Ambassadors have recently been appointed to organise events specially for Young Old Millhillians. Pop Up events in pubs in University towns and 5, 10 and 15 year reunions are being planned.

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