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Management Committee Representatives



Old Millhillian Club Officers And Management Committee


PRESIDENT 2018-2019

Gordon Mizner



John Gallagher


OFFICERS 2019/2020

Peter Wakeham (60-64) Chairman 

Julian Pollock (83-88) Honorary Secretary 

Asif Ahmed (89-94) Honorary Treasurer 


Ex Officio members 2019/20

Nigel Baker -  Alford House and Sponsorships

John Barron -  Foundation Liaison Representative 

Jane Sanchez -  Head of Mill Hill School


Members by election

President role development

Chris Kelly - Vice President for 2020 AGM election


Committee Chairpersons

Clare Lewis -  Chair, Alumni Relations Committee

Dick Lidwell -  Chair, Careers Committee 

Sive Ozer - Chair, YOMs Ambassadors

Solon Satanas - Chair, Investment Committee

Peter Wakeham - Chair, Nominations Committee


Liaison Officers

Adrian Jordan - Belmont and Old Belmontians                    

Andrew Welch -  Court


Office Staff

Alumni Relations - Laura Turner

Bookkeeper - Ann Bunyard

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