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The Club

The Old Millhillian Club was originally founded in 1878 to enable former pupils to continue playing rugby and cricket.

But building on its traditional roots and as a consequence of girls attending the School, the Club has become much broader in its interests and offers something for everyone regardless of age, gender and background.

The Club today provides genuinely practical benefits such as professional networking and careers advice for younger members.

Those sports still remain very strong, there are many other thriving formal and informal social occasions held throughout the UK and worldwide for Old Millhillians and their families and friends to meet.

Other benefits for Club members include membership of the National Liberal Club in London, a dedicated website, and the opportunity to network through a database of members.

Also, in keeping with its motto, Non Nobis Sed Scolae (not ourselves but the School), the Club continues to maintain its very strong links with the School and give support wherever possible. The School is equally eager to support the Club.

Old Millhillian Club Rules

Update on Life Membership - The Chairman confirmed that at the EGM held on 9th April 2014 the Members approved changes to the Club rules, including authorisation for the Committee to fix Lifetime or Multi year subscription rates for Members.

The Committee resolved that Lifetime Membership should be offered to School joiners for £300 payable by 6 termly instalments of £50 and in the case iof School leavers by a one-off payment of £300.

Please click here for a printable version of the Club rules. The rules were updated in 2014 and the changes were ratified at the EGM on 9th April 2014.

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