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1984 Reunion

It has just dawned on us that it is in fact 30 years in July since we left Mill Hill School; shocking news indeed!  I am in touch with a few of my contemporaries from our year group and have suggested that we should make an effort to have a get together to commemorate our 30 year anniversary.

Old Millhillians Day is on Saturday 20th of September which would be a great opportunity to have a dedicated reunion at the School for our year group and our partners/wives/children etc., would also be welcome. There will be a complimentary BBQ and a drinks reception with some old school photos on display!  

Additionally I suggest we should also think about another lunch or dinner that could be arranged between us in the next few months.

We want as many people from our year as possible to attend to really make it a successful reunion so spread the word.

Please get in touch with Shalaka in the Club office if you would like to attend.  

This is the last chance to celebrate anything before we hit 50!!

With all best wishes to you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Nick Marcou nick.marcou@abacustrading.co.uk

Mike Solomons mike.solomons@bm-advisory.com

Shalaka Karlekar Club office sk@millhill.org.uk  t: 0208 906 7949

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