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National Liberal Club

National Liberal ClubThe National Liberal Club (NLC) remains completely independent but, as the name implies, continues to be closely identified with the historic Liberal traditions and Liberals worldwide.  Overlooking the Thames, with "the most splendid terrace in London", the Club is within easy reach of Whitehall, the West End, the City and theatreland. The clubhouse is conveniently situated for underground and mainline stations which are close by. Luncheon and dinner facilities are provided on weekdays. Please note that accommodation is not provided at the NLC.

The Old Millhillians Club has enjoyed a special relationship with the NLC since 1969 and is now entering a new phase of the partnership. The following terms for the Club’s relationship with the NLC have been agreed, effective 1 August 2019.

Current status for OMC Members as Associate Members of NLC

Access to the National Liberal Club as an Associate Member will continue until 31 December 2019. Membership cards must be shown if requested.

The National Liberal Club (NLC) membership joining fee

The Joining Fee for NLC full Annual and Life Membership is waived for Old Millhillian Club Members in perpetuity*.

National Liberal Club (NLC) membership fees

  • OMC Gold Card members (current OMC Life Members) will benefit from a 25% discount on the standard NLC Life Membership fee. This is a unique benefit available only to OMC Life Members. The 25% discount applies for a limited time period until 31 December 2019.
  • OMC Chocolate Card members (current OMC Annual Members) and OMC Silver Card members who choose to convert to OMC Life Membership before 30 September 2019 will also benefit from this unique NLC Life Membership fee discount. Silver Card members are currently eligible to become OMC Life Members at a special rate of £225 (£300 standard rate less parent’s £75 payment when you joined Mill Hill.)
  • OMC Silver Card members choosing to remain OMC Annual Members and OMC Annual Members who attain the age of 29 years or under in the year of NLC application will qualify for NLC Junior rates. In addition, in perpetuity*, OMC will contribute £100 towards the cost of NLC Annual Junior Membership for any OMC Silver Card member or Annual Member aged under 29 who completes a three year membership of the NLC, up to a maximum of 60 members per annum.

NLC Fees are set out in detail below.

NLC Membership application process

The special arrangements with NLC are only available to fully paid OMC members. Before applying for membership of the NLC, please submit the OMC membership verification form to alumnirelations@omclub.co.uk This form will be co-signed by a Club Officer and should be sent with your NLC membership application which is available from the NLC website http://www.nlc.org.uk/membership. You will also require a proposer who is an NLC member. The Club can arrange for this. 

*Both Clubs see this as a long-term arrangement for their mutual benefit. Nevertheless, the Agreement will be reviewed in 2025 with particular focus on whether or not arrangements intended in perpetuity continue to meet the expectations of both parties. Neither Club Committee wishes to bind its successors to a policy that may no longer be fit for purpose. Both OMC and NLC reserve the right to modify or terminate the above arrangements.


(Annual Subscription: Full Country £698; Full Town £798)



Whitehall Place
London SW1A 2HE
t 020 7930 9871
f 020 7839 4768
w www.nlc.org.uk

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