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East Anglia Dinner

Date: 09-May-2020


Host: Dr Russell Cowan and Dr David Short

King’s College Chapel and Trinity College Cambridge

Saturday 9th May 2020 from 5pm

After the experiment in 2019 when a change to the format of the annual East Anglia Dinner
was offered and with the strongly positive outcome from the subsequent mini-survey
of those who attended, David Short and I have decided to offer the same format for this
year. Again there will be a cultural activity that takes advantage of Cambridge’s rich heritage,
followed by a hot buffet supper at Trinity College.

Thanks to the connection of the Club to Professor Michael Proctor, Provost of King’s College,
and the kindness of the Dean of King’s College Chapel, we have been offered the
opportunity to attend Evensong in the Chapel on Saturday 9th May to enjoy the exquisite
sound of the world famous King’s College Choir in the elegant grandeur and wonderful
acoustics of the 15th century Chapel.

We shall be privileged to be seated beyond the organ screen, thus providing us with the
best of acoustics and view of the proceedings. To make this possible we shall need to
gather outside the Chapel by 5pm. Evensong starts at 5.30pm and lasts 50-60 minutes.
We shall then make our way back to Trinity College for drinks in the Allhusen Room from
7pm followed by a relaxed and sociable buffet supper. The evening will close by 10pm.



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